the gospel choir

On this Thanksgiving, no one is saying "thank you" better than our friends at Hope Grows Farm. We are honored and grateful to count ourselves singers in "the gospel choir for the Southern Neo-Agrarian movement" alongside Arianne & Elliot and all the other amazing growers among us. Y'all give so much so many can be grateful for.

An End. A Beginning. A Thanksgiving Manifesto.

You're reading this because somewhere along the way you became part of the story of Hope Grows. Maybe you helped us process chickens. Maybe you ate our bacon. Maybe you're a farmer we called for advice. Maybe you wrote about us in the newspaper. Maybe you made a documentary about hot, young Georgia farmers. Maybe you came to one of our workshops or listened to one of our presentations. Maybe you've read the blog or are our Facebook friend or watched one of our zany videos. Maybe we ate dinner together. Maybe your children insist on our eggs… Read More