Ross and Rebecca are high school sweethearts who didn't really know what they wanted to do with their lives except that they wanted to do something real, meaningful, and together. Farming seemed to fit the bill. Together they love to take care of the land, animals, and people and believe that these three things work together to serve and nourish each other.

Ross first farmed at Warren Wilson College where he programmed the farm's sales database, revamped their website, learned to drive a tractor, herded and managed cattle, milked cows, and read about Joel Salatin and Greg Judy. He then took a job with Heifer International's Overlook Farm where he got to know pretty much every kind of livestock in the world (ever heard of a Dzo?) and taught children and adults all about the important roll livestock plays in ending hunger and poverty.

Then Rebecca jumped in and together they went to work at Hickory Nut Gap Farm where they worked with cows, sheep, and a whole lot of hogs. They also made a ton of apple cider. They went to a bunch of conferences, soaked up loads of information, and decided to make a go of this on their own. They pooled their resources and bought a farm 30 miles from where they grew up along with two tickets to Vermont to learn all about how to make cheese. Because, y'know, cheese is awesome.

Now they have 200 sheep, three dogs, 800 chickens, and two baby girls. The creamery is finally up and running, and they've been busy selling a whole lotta really good eggs.