Many Fold Farm is a family owned operation managed by a husband and wife team and their families. The farm is located in the beautiful Chattahoochee Hill Country, about 50-minutes west-southwest of Atlanta, GA. We are proud to be a part of a burgeoning agricultural economy within a community that seeks to preserve our rural heritage and act as a model for growth that is an antidote to urban sprawl.

On our farm you'll find a small cadre of farmers, family members, interns, volunteers, and employees all attending to the daily needs of hundreds of sheep and chickens (and a few hogs), happily living on pasture as nature intended. We raise our animals on a grass based system and consider ourselves "grassfarmers" who practice management-intensive grazing to ensure healthy pastures and healthy animals. Our sheep convert grass into rich milk that we turn into a variety of farmstead cheeses. We also produce seasonal lamb, fresh eggs, whey-fed pork, and homegrown yarns.

By supporting our farm, you are supporting a movement to help grow small farms that are better for animals, better for the land, and better for people everywhere. Thank you.